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Good Morning Rose ;)

Sweet little rose exploding with her beauty before the heat of the day takes it from her.

Texas Flag Painting

This is a Texas flag painting I made for my husband. It is painted in a rustic style. James picked out this beautiful gold magestic looking frame for it. I love the way it all came together ;)

Fun Nursery/Childs Wall Decor.

This last week I have been on a drawing spree! So far I have 8 pictures that I sketched out on paper then digitally colored them. What fun! I love doing this. The design ideas just keep coming to me. My plans for them are to make them available as prints and on cards. Also, I am going to go a little further with them and amke wall hangings with them, pillows, dolls, bean bags and more! Please check back here to my blog. For I plan on posting here often! Here are a couple of my drawings.

Thinking of my Dad today...

My parents lived in Colorado. With me being here in Texas there were difficult times being away from my family. My Dad would sing this song to me on the phone, I think it was his way of trying to make me feel better :)

More Burlap Door Hangers!

I've completed a couple more burlap door hangers. They are available at my etsy store.
One is a bunny painted with  flowers on burlap fabric. Finished in a quilt style. Also, a bird with paisley hippie type flowers dots and swirls. The other is a patriotic heart with "America" painted on.

Lovin the Burlap Fabric!

There are so many different things you can do with burlap. I love working with it. My latest projects are burlap door hangers. Well they can be hung wherever you like, but door hangers are a good start!
  I have one that I made with 3 different colors of burlap, the natural color, white and country blue.
I made a whimsical little owl. I don't know, he's pretty cute but kinda reminds me of a character from the show "South Park." teehee. Oh well, I thinks he's cute.
  I have the owl and another door hanger I made with a painted bunny on it. Lately I have been drawn to the retro, paisley designs from the 1960's and 1970's. They are both available at my etsy store.
Along with some other items I have made. Here's the link to my store.

Colorful Handmade Wreaths

I had my hand slammed shut in a car door so it has been difficult for me to work on my bears or my jewelry. So, I have another hobby that I love doing during the time my hand is healing. I have made some door wreaths! This one pictured first is in our favorite colors. I know they are somewhat autumn in color, so I added some white and yellow dasies to make the wreath pop with color!
I have it available at my etsy shop.

New Etsy Shop!

I have opened a second shop on Etsy, it's called "Sugar Time Designs!" The inspiration for the name came from an old western group called "The Collins Kids" Be my little Honey, (Sugar Time). It's a Southern expression, "Give me some sugar," a kiss.
Anyway, It's a shop where I'm going to list my handmade wire wrapped jewelry and leather accessories. I really love making the jewelry. It seems to be an exciting artistic venture for me ;)

Here is the link to my etsy shop.