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Leather tooled tote bag

Here I am starting another project :)
When we were in San Antonio a few weeks ago,
I purchased some leather at a Tandy's Store.
I have been working on a pattern. This is the major pieces to it. 

Cutting into this massive piece of leather was as fearful as when I cut into mohair for the first time. Very afraid that I would mess up and ruin this expensive material.

So I went for it!

I splurged and bought myself some fiscar left handed scissors.
What a waste of money...
First, they were way to long to cut something this thick of leather. Second, I could not get use to the way they cut as for a lefty as I am. For so many years in school and even when I was a hairdresser, I never used left handed scissors. Probably never will again...
So I ended up using a zacto knife with a metal ruler.
It really was easier than with the scissors.
I have hand tooled the front piece of the tote and added color and dye.
Will post a pic of the front piece shortly.


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