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Gotta Love Pink Softie

Here is my first plush softie! I am pretty happy with the way she came out. Pinkie is made from a rayon viscose and cotton materials.
With buttons and embroidery decorations.
She was designed more in the doll/softie style, non-jointed and plumply filled with polyfiber. 
Thanks for stopping by to say "Hey" to Pinkie!
Hugs, Roxanne

When to change.........

Sometimes I think about changing my direction of teddy bear making. Not to remove myself from it, but maybe a change of designs and approachability.
 Since my accident, I was not able to keep up with the ongoing struggle to have a teddy available on a regular basis. When you can not keep up, your collectors just move on or loose interest.  My bears involve much attention to detail. I don't know if I have slipped away from this because of the pain and difficulty that I experience while I am making my bear. I do know that I give it my best effort that I have to make my teddies. And now, when I do have a bear available, it just dose not move like they use to. Or it does not move at all. Who knows, maybe it has a lot to do with the state of the economy right now. But I do know that I see some other artists that are still making sales. Mostly because I believe that they have kept on producing their work and doing all that needs to be done to have a successful business.
With that said, …

Lovely Ruffle Paper Wreath

I have another wreath I made from an old paper back. I think it is so pretty <3 I have it listed on my ETSY SHOP. Thank you! Roxanne

Shabby Chic Paper Book Wreath

I just love the wat this wreath turned out! It is made from a old romance novel. I have it available with more information on myetsy shop. Please have a look! Hugs, Roxanne