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Just not the same. It was a pretty quite Easter Day here.
The kids were out of town. Don't have my parents to call and tell them Happy Easter to anymore.....

James has been working on a new shower installation in his bathroom. We had a close call Saturday. James was soldering some copper pipes on the bathroom concrete floor. He was trying to adjust the tip of propane torch and it came apart from the stem. Gas fumes began to come out in a large amount and set fire. I heard him yelling. I ran back and all I could see is him on the floor with flames a couple feet high, trying to put out the flames with a wet towel that he had there. I went to get the fire extinguisher. When I got back he had it out. He said when he tried to put the flames out with the towel, it held the gas fumes underneath and just worsened it. He was pretty shaken up. Has a burn with blisters on the top of his hand and thumb. He says it was'nt to bad. But it scared the "bahebajas" out of me!


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Texas Trash!

Yeppers, thats what they call it. I call mine "Texas White Trash".

It is a yummy sweet snack mix that consists of white or milk chocolate coated snack mix, cereal, pretzels and pecans and peanuts! It comes in a gift bag with organza ribbon. Can be decorated for special order.

New changes to come

With a new name, I have decided to make my art available here at my blog. Things are really difficult using other sites to sell my work. I'm a creature that makes many different pieces and uses a variety of mediums. I find it boring to stay with one thing and create something over and over again. I have more fun mixing things up and going with what fits my fancy that day. So, on the right side column I will be adding pages for you to choose from. First I am adding some bears I made to be available. If you have any questions or a special request, don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to work something out with you. With thanks, Roxanne

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