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New Bears Available!!!

I have a few bears available for imidiate adoption from my website!
Please take a moment to view my Smiling open-mouth teddies!

Number 2 Leather Handbag completed!!

Yeah! I just finished handbag #2. I really love making these bags. I call it "Seeing Stars!" There are 6 tooled stars on the front and 6 tooled stars on the back. The closure is a simple leather strap that slips into a leather loop that is riveted onto the bag.
Completely made from a large piece of 1/8 inch thick leather hide. That I cut from my pattern, tooled, turquoise color added, dyed, stained and sealed. I then laced the bag up with white leather lacing.
The dimensions are: 12 inches wide 8 1/2 inches tall 3 inches deep.
The strap measures 34 inches long. With hand stamped stars. The handbag hangs nicely at your side.
Please e-mail me with any questions.

Backside view
Check my new website

Yet another handbag!

Here is a pic of the front and back panel of my newest handbag in progress.
I love trying different proceedures with this leather :)

My "Blaue Blume" tote is complete!

Here is my first go at making a leather hand tooled tote. I am very pleased with the way it turned out.
I call it "Blaue blume" which means "blue flower" in German.
It is made from a thick leather, approximately 1/8 inch thick.
I made the pattern, then cut it out from the leather. I then hand tooled the design.
The flowers aka "blume" are hand painted in a sky blue with periwinkle accents. The bird and butterflies in the back panel are a deep yellow.
I then dyed, antiqued and sealed the tote.
It is all hand laced in a medium brown leather lace.
There is a 21 inch long strap with tooled flowers, that is removable.
The closure is a leather strap. Attached with rivet's on the back and a snap on the front.
The size of this tote is:
11.5 inches tall, 10 inches wide, 3 inches deep.

This tote is ready to go!
I would love to hear your thoughts on my tote bag.
If you have a special request on a design, feel free to ask me.


Check it out at…

Leather Tote Bag

Here is the front design of the tote bag.
It took me most of the day to do it, but I am fairly pleases with the results ;)
I started on the back of the bag last night. Will try to finish the back design today... fingers crossed.

Leather tooled tote bag

Here I am starting another project :) When we were in San Antonio a few weeks ago, I purchased some leather at a Tandy's Store. I have been working on a pattern. This is the major pieces to it. 

Cutting into this massive piece of leather was as fearful as when I cut into mohair for the first time. Very afraid that I would mess up and ruin this expensive material.
So I went for it!

I splurged and bought myself some fiscar left handed scissors. What a waste of money... First, they were way to long to cut something this thick of leather. Second, I could not get use to the way they cut as for a lefty as I am. For so many years in school and even when I was a hairdresser, I never used left handed scissors. Probably never will again... So I ended up using a zacto knife with a metal ruler. It really was easier than with the scissors. I have hand tooled the front piece of the tote and added color and dye. Will post a pic of the front piece shortly.

We are getting things together for a weekend trip to Fredericksburg TX. Looking forward to getting away. Going shopping, eating jagerschnitzel, drinking spaten, and drinking more spaten... ;oP
 Hope you all have a safe, fun weekend!

Happy September 1st!

After giving my arm I had injured in an accident a rest this summer I am so ready to get back into making teddies! My mind is exploding with new ideas. I have been accepted to be a part of an online show this coming November 18-20 called "Teddies Worldwide "Christmas Treasures" Online Bear Show! I had signed up to be in a online show last November, but had to back out. My Dad had passed away. So please check back with me from time to time to see what teddies I have available! Also, be sure to mark the date for the online teddie bear show in November.

More Handmade Leather items!

Here are a couple cuffs I designed from leather. I have them available on my ETSY store! Please, click on over and have a look ;-) My ETSY Store hugs, Roxanne

Working with leather!

While on vacation, my hubby bought me a new tooled leather purse. I love it! So, the crafty person I am, I thought I could do that! Well, we found a Tandy Leather Company and bought a beginners kit. This is my first attempt  at leather tooling. It's a coaster. I am fairly pleased with it. But now I have been bitten by the bug and want to do bigger projects. Maybe a clutch, then a purse ;-)
So, off to the internet to see where I can purchase larger pieces of leather!

Gotta Love Pink Softie

Here is my first plush softie! I am pretty happy with the way she came out. Pinkie is made from a rayon viscose and cotton materials.
With buttons and embroidery decorations.
She was designed more in the doll/softie style, non-jointed and plumply filled with polyfiber. 
Thanks for stopping by to say "Hey" to Pinkie!
Hugs, Roxanne

When to change.........

Sometimes I think about changing my direction of teddy bear making. Not to remove myself from it, but maybe a change of designs and approachability.
 Since my accident, I was not able to keep up with the ongoing struggle to have a teddy available on a regular basis. When you can not keep up, your collectors just move on or loose interest.  My bears involve much attention to detail. I don't know if I have slipped away from this because of the pain and difficulty that I experience while I am making my bear. I do know that I give it my best effort that I have to make my teddies. And now, when I do have a bear available, it just dose not move like they use to. Or it does not move at all. Who knows, maybe it has a lot to do with the state of the economy right now. But I do know that I see some other artists that are still making sales. Mostly because I believe that they have kept on producing their work and doing all that needs to be done to have a successful business.
With that said, …

Lovely Ruffle Paper Wreath

I have another wreath I made from an old paper back. I think it is so pretty <3 I have it listed on my ETSY SHOP. Thank you! Roxanne

Shabby Chic Paper Book Wreath

I just love the wat this wreath turned out! It is made from a old romance novel. I have it available with more information on myetsy shop. Please have a look! Hugs, Roxanne

Rustic Texas Flag Painting

Just Finished my Texas flag painting #6! So much fun to paint in this style. What do you think?


Just not the same. It was a pretty quite Easter Day here.
The kids were out of town. Don't have my parents to call and tell them Happy Easter to anymore.....

James has been working on a new shower installation in his bathroom. We had a close call Saturday. James was soldering some copper pipes on the bathroom concrete floor. He was trying to adjust the tip of propane torch and it came apart from the stem. Gas fumes began to come out in a large amount and set fire. I heard him yelling. I ran back and all I could see is him on the floor with flames a couple feet high, trying to put out the flames with a wet towel that he had there. I went to get the fire extinguisher. When I got back he had it out. He said when he tried to put the flames out with the towel, it held the gas fumes underneath and just worsened it. He was pretty shaken up. Has a burn with blisters on the top of his hand and thumb. He says it was'nt to bad. But it scared the "bahebajas" out of me!

New Bear Available!

"Quinn" 17 inches

Quinn is one of smiling, open-mouth teddies. Quinn is such a happy little fella! Made from a matted red and a minty color with dark backing mohair.
His head is a cream in color mohair. I gave him black glass eyes wool felt open mouth and a "well loved" black stitched nose.
His paw pads are double layer cotton fabric. Quinn has hand painted accents throughout.
He is five way hardboard and cotter pin jointed.
Filled with poly fiber and bb's in his bottom for added weight. Please e-mail me with any questions!

Another Blog for my Art!

I have started a seperate blog for my art work.
Please stop by and have a look at my latest doodles<3


Lords Prayer, Teddy Style!

Here is another design I made. Drawn on paper, inked and digitally colored.
I'll be putting my drawings available on my etsy soon.

New Plushies!

Hello! I have a new design. Here is my first of many I plan to create. They are plushies I call, "Button Belly Bears." This little plushie is named, Annie.

Annie is 15 inches tall and is made from a natural brown colored synthetic fur. With embroidered facial features.
Annie is stuffed with polyfiber.
Nice and squishy :o)
(may not be suitible for small children. Small buttom sewn on bow can be removed by request.)
$29.95 + shipping