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Wire Wrapped Rosette Bracelet

This is a Wire Wrapped Rosette Bracelet I have available on my blog.
Each rosette is made individually by hand.
This bracelet is strung with a natural waxed cotton cord and glass beads.
Can be strung also with leather cording.
They look great layered too.
Please contact me for discounted pricing on 2 or more.
Each rosette measures approximately 5/8".
This bracelet measures 7" and I would be happy to adjust the length for you.

Please e-mail me with any questions.
I welcome all custom requests.
Thanks for looking!
Wholesale pricing available.
$12.00 + $2.00 shipping

Sterling Silver Disc Available

This is a darling little pendent I made today.
It is made with a sterling silver disc.
That I textured and oxidized, with an
added a fresh water pearl with sterling silver wire.
Comes with your basic chain necklace.
$19.95 + shipping

e-mail me for a purchase invoice with paypal

Bear Ornie

Not to sure where I am going with this.
It's made from paper mache and finished with paper clay.
Maybe an ornament?
What do you think?

Frankie Completed!

I've decided to call my little halloween characters "Schoolhouse Haunts." The first is Frankie. He stands 5 1/2 inches tall with an added 2 inches for the block. Frankie is sculpted from paper clay and wire skeleton. Finished with acrylic paint and gloss varnish finish.
$49.00 + shipping

My Little WIP Halloween Frankie.

This is my newest little WIP (work in progress) He's a little Frankie who is made from wire and paper clay. I still have to add his candy bucket and his bolts on his neck and let him dry so that I can paint him. I can't wait to do the painting!! I have some other ideas of friends to go along "trick or treatin" with him.

Thinking POSITIVE!

I am working on thinking positive today. After a mean fall hurting my shoulder to the point where I can not lift my arm to the table... As I rest it, the pain lessens and the movement has improved. Having hurt this arm before, my dominate arm of course, it was a torn rotator cuff. I just re-injured it. What is really crazy about the whole thing is it was the first time this summer I had decided to get into the pool. While stepping down forward on the ladder, I slipped and did not let go of the ladder rail. Pulling my arms behind me to the point where I heard my shoulder make a cracking sound three times.
But as I said when I started this post, "POSITIVE THINKING" and prayer will help me get through this, again...