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"Knee-Hi" Creations Newest Addition

This is "Charming" Knee-Hi. My newest little Circus Clown Bear. Available at my Etsy Shop.

Knee-Hi' Circus Clown Bear Art Sculptures

This is my “Knee-Hi” Circus Clown Bear collection.

An adorable addition to your sewing table or miniatures.
"Knee-Hi' Circus Bears are miniature figures that are inspired from my love of Clowns and Bears!
Each Knee-Hi is hand sculpted from a sculpey clay, baked and painted by myself.
They are stained for an antique look and sealed with a clay varnish.
With each being prepared by hand, they have individual personalities, so no two will be exact.
Check back often for my latest additions to the “Knee-Hi” collection.
I welcome custom orders!
I have them available right now from my Etsy.
Check them out HERE!