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“Smiling” Open-Mouth Bear!

14" tall
“Smiling” Open-Mouth Bear!

Finally! I have been able to complete a Smiling open-mouth bear named Tia.
Tia was such a delight to make. She has the sweetest smile.
Tia is handmade and designed by myself.
She was made from a new pattern with a slight bend at her knees and a rounder tummy…
Tia is a petite 14 inches tall, and made from a gorgeous honey tan with dark backing mohair.
Her eyes are black glass with needle felted, airbrushed and hand painted accents.
Her nose is black stitched with a hard shiny lacquer finish. Tia’s tongue and upper mouth is wool felt.
Her paw pads are too wool felt with stitching and airbrushing.
Around her neck I crocheted her a poinsettia necklace.
Tia is five way jointed with cotter pin and washer,
and filled with polyfiber andcopper bb’s in her bottom for added weight.
Please feel free to ask me any questions about Tia, I will be happy to answer them.


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