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Another Doodle for Redwork

This one is of a little German Bear. I then cleaned it up with photoshop. Idea taken from a cookie & craft mold I purchased the last time we were in Fredericksburg.
I bought it at my favorite store there, "Der Kuchen Laden," ~~Love It~~

 I'm actually just about finished with the redwork embroidery. Trying to decide if I want to make him a pillow or frame it into a pic. Maybe I might add some writing in German like, "Willkommen,"(Welcome) or "Zuckerbär"(Sugar Bear).

Been "doodling" today.

With it being a cloudy dreary day. I've been in the mood for drawing. Here is a dancing bear I came up with. I think he is pretty neat. I'm going to transfer it onto some muslin and do some redwork embroidery with him.

Finally completed something!

My German Grandmother would be proud.... I have discovered "redwork" embroidery. I drew out a little pic, transfered it onto some linen and stitched her up into a little pillow. I loved doing it. It really did not bother my hurt arm to bad. That was a welcome relief. What do you think? I cant wait to get started on another one ;-)

Good Day.

Today is a good day! My arm is doing a little better. I have had a gazillion ideas going through this mind of mine. It feels like I have stretched it beyond it's capability. I have been working here and there on an open-mouth bear. I've tried so hard to work on her. And only could get so far. Without the pain to begin. I'm going to work on her again this afternoon. I seem to be jumping from one project to another. I have my bear, two different amigurumi crochet critters. A crochet scarf, wrist warmers, Kanzashi fabric flowers, and so much more.....I need to get some pics and post them.
hugs, Rox