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Not sure how I feel...

It's really hard to explain how I am feeling tonight. I worked this weekend on updating my website. It went well. I am happy how it turned out. My problem seems to be my arm... of course. I worked on my bear today. It seems to be ok while I am working. It hits me, the pain that is, at night. At days end when I begin to relax, the swelling sets in and the sharp needle sticking pain throughout my forearm and elbow begins. The more the days pass by, the more intense the pain becomes. All I can guess is that the nerves are trying to heal from the trauma. Ten weeks have passed. I thought it would be better by now.....

Fabric Rosettes Cake Topper!

Good Morning,
Some of you know that I have another hobby that I love, baking! This last Wednesday was my in-laws 65th wedding anniversary. Of course I had to make their cake. I also, made and designed the cake topper. It is made from fabric rosettes. It was so enjoyable to make. I have decided to add them as another item to my etsy shop. I am open to accepting custom orders. Anything is possible when it comes to decorating cakes!

Coming along..

Things here have been coming along pretty good. I have begun cutting out a new mohair open mouth teddy bear. I'll continue to work on it as long my arm will allow. I still have numbness and needle stabbing pain around my elbow and forearm. Here we are at 9 weeks since the accident. I thought that it would be completely healed by now. Apparently there is some nerve damage. I guess I should be patient and give it some more time. And thankful that it was not worse than it was.....
Things have been really quiet here in my little corner of the teddy world. Hopefully I have not been out of the "public eye" to long.
I will try to keep things updated with my new teddy bear project.