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To fulfill my latest obcession I had to go to the local Michaels craft store to purchase more glass beads and wire for more earrings and all. Low and be hold!! Big sale on the beads! Yeah! Dont tell the hubby tho... he thinks I should be Bearin it'. Which he is right in some ways. But a girl has to do what a girl wants to do...teehee!

Transformed Website!

Yeah! I have finally completed updating and transforming my website. I am happy with the way it has turned out. I'm sure there will be a flub-up here and there, but I tried my best...
The weather here has made it a lot easier to work out in my shop. I believe that the temparture is creeping up on 80 degrees today. Beautiful....I actually have my air-conditioner on out here!!

Polar Cub Available!

I have a new little Polar Bear Cub named Miki available right now from my website. She is such a happy little gal!
Pleas view her information at my website, Bear Paws by Roxanne.