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Showing posts from November, 2008

New Creations: Wire Wrap Jewelry!

Through trial after trial, I have begun my own design of
"Wire Wrap Jewelry!"
Boy what fun it is. Every piece is handmade by me. The cross is wire shaped with lead free solder inserted, the wrapped with more wire and heart shape again made from wire. The Cross alone is approximately 2 inches tall. Every element is twisted and shaped by hand. Please check out my website under "Texas Art" for more information about this piece.

Sweet Barrett Bear

Sweet Barrett Bear is a sweet liitle bear with an expression of somber. This truly was not my intent, but sometimes with art, your inner feeling tend to come out on your work. With the holidays coming up and all, I guess that is what happened. But Barrett has this ability to tug at you and without thinking he draws up the corners of your mouth into a grin with all the warm feelings that come with a smile.

Barrett is available for adoption on my website. "Bear Paws by Roxanne"

Beauty of the Autumn

The fall has been a somewhat reflective time of the year for me. The dog days of summer are gone and the cool mornings have arrived here in Odessa. Earlier I had posted a picture of my first beautiful rose of the Spring. Temperatures dropped down below freezing last night. So after pampering my last 3 roses left on the bush, I decided to clip them and bring them into the warm house and see if I can enjoy their beauty inside. One of the roses were partly opened, the others are buds. I am hoping that they will display their beauty for me soon.....

Fredericksburg TX... Luv It!

Yaaa! We have finally made the decision.
We have purchased some land just about 7 miles outside of Fredericksburg TX.
I am so excited.! My hubby and I went down there a week ago and began clearing off some of the acreage. I believe that it is 4.5 acres. It is a beautiful plot of land, with big'o oak trees. There is a bit much of brambles to deal with tho.... Bramble is a long thorny vine, that likes to crawl and tangle it'self in everything! James' arms and legs are soooo tore up from the brambles. He tells everyone that he was "herding cats".