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Cowboy Boot Purse

What fun this was. Took an old cowboy boot, and added a mohair bottom to it. Then made the strap with glass beads.
A leather/mohair purse.

Another aspect of my Personality

Sometimes you just feel like doing something different, creatively. While on vacation to Fredericksburg, I was inspired to do this painting. It is of the Texas Flag. Acrylic on canvas with antique stain and gloss finish.
I adore painting.....

Bikkie completed!

Here is my Koala completed. She is listed on ebay now!
I have been working soooo hard on this new project.
Researching pictures, and designing her pattern.
Her name is "Bikkie". Bikkie is a koala.
I have decided to display a picture of her before I airbrush her.
I also plan on adding some claws to her too.

Baille's Trip to Fredericksburg TX

We made it to Fredericksburg after about a 5 hour drive. Mom wanted to visit some antique stores first. This poor cougar kitty...

Hi Ya'll! Mom and Dad took me along on a needed weekend trip to Fredericksburg TX. Fredericksburg is a small German heritage town with a BIG tourism business.

See ya later Odessa!