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Ready to Roll.

Well, it is Monday and I am ready to get moving on a new project. I listed a Persian kitty cat on ebay this last Saturday. Her name is Sassy, which fits her personality pretty good. She has a sassy/prissy attitude about her. But really, what cat does not? Here is a link to her auction which ends tomorrow, the 1st of July.
Sassy's auction
And a pic ;-)

Spotlight Artist in Bears & Buds!

I am very excited and honored to be spotlighted
in the webzine "Bears & Buds."
Valerie Rogers is a super gal to work with!

Visit to Colorado.

My husband and I had returned from our visit my Dad in Colorado. The time had gone by so fast. I was able to find some time to work on the bears I needed for the Online Show Spring Fling. The weather was hot one day and then rainy and dreary the rest. Just in time to come home to Odessa to 105 degree temps. Man, it is hot here.
My Father is doing well. The radiation that they had given him for the lung cancer had shrunk the tumor, but not completely. It was so large that they could not shrink it all the way. So now it has been a couple months and he is beginning to have extreme pain in his back ribs and stomach again. We all are thinking the same thing, but he has decided that he is not going to have the needed MRI to see if the cancer has returned. Since my Mama had passed. He just is not the same man. I totally understand his feelings, but it's like he has given up. He is on two types of pain killers, meds for his stomach, and now an anti-depresent. I dont think that the anti-dep…