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Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Here is another wire wrap bracelet I made. I have matching earing too.
Please e-mail me for inquires.
Or check out my website for more information.

Wax Scented Dipped Bear

Well, I have been pondering the idea of making a wax scented dipped bear. I know to some people it sounds like a cruel and unusual punishment. But to me, for a person who enjoys every aspect of arts & crafts. Thinks that it might not be such a bad idea. I have researched the process and believe that if I do it correctly. It could be something interesting. I would make it from a bear that I made of my own design. And of course I would use a synthetic fur. In this day and time with the economy as it is, we have to do what we think will be welcome to several different formats as in collectors. And a product that I will enjoy producing that will be affordable andcollectible.
What do you think? Please leave me a comment on your opinion!
I will be posting a pic real soon.

New Creations: Wire Wrap Jewelry!

Through trial after trial, I have begun my own design of
"Wire Wrap Jewelry!"
Boy what fun it is. Every piece is handmade by me. The cross is wire shaped with lead free solder inserted, the wrapped with more wire and heart shape again made from wire. The Cross alone is approximately 2 inches tall. Every element is twisted and shaped by hand. Please check out my website under "Texas Art" for more information about this piece.

Sweet Barrett Bear

Sweet Barrett Bear is a sweet liitle bear with an expression of somber. This truly was not my intent, but sometimes with art, your inner feeling tend to come out on your work. With the holidays coming up and all, I guess that is what happened. But Barrett has this ability to tug at you and without thinking he draws up the corners of your mouth into a grin with all the warm feelings that come with a smile.

Barrett is available for adoption on my website. "Bear Paws by Roxanne"

Beauty of the Autumn

The fall has been a somewhat reflective time of the year for me. The dog days of summer are gone and the cool mornings have arrived here in Odessa. Earlier I had posted a picture of my first beautiful rose of the Spring. Temperatures dropped down below freezing last night. So after pampering my last 3 roses left on the bush, I decided to clip them and bring them into the warm house and see if I can enjoy their beauty inside. One of the roses were partly opened, the others are buds. I am hoping that they will display their beauty for me soon.....

Fredericksburg TX... Luv It!

Yaaa! We have finally made the decision.
We have purchased some land just about 7 miles outside of Fredericksburg TX.
I am so excited.! My hubby and I went down there a week ago and began clearing off some of the acreage. I believe that it is 4.5 acres. It is a beautiful plot of land, with big'o oak trees. There is a bit much of brambles to deal with tho.... Bramble is a long thorny vine, that likes to crawl and tangle it'self in everything! James' arms and legs are soooo tore up from the brambles. He tells everyone that he was "herding cats".

Panda Bear Ready for Adoption!

This is my newest little Panda Bear named, Huan. She is available right now on my website. Bear Paws by Roxanne Please take a monemt to pay her a visit!

Vintage Bear

Things around Odessa have been pretty busy as of late.
Finally I have completed a sweet bear named Boern Bear!

Fun Trip to Fredericksburg TX!

Well, my husband and I went on a little vacation to Fredericksburg Tx again this Labor Day weekend. We love it there.....
My sister in-law treated me to a fabulous lunch at a tea-room called "The Peach Tree." Suzi ordered the quiche with chilled avocado soup. I went straight for the dessert! A Russian Creme! A custard with fresh cream and sour cream, served with strawberries and strawberry sauce. YUMM!

Cowboy Boot Purse

What fun this was. Took an old cowboy boot, and added a mohair bottom to it. Then made the strap with glass beads.
A leather/mohair purse.

Another aspect of my Personality

Sometimes you just feel like doing something different, creatively. While on vacation to Fredericksburg, I was inspired to do this painting. It is of the Texas Flag. Acrylic on canvas with antique stain and gloss finish.
I adore painting.....

Bikkie completed!

Here is my Koala completed. She is listed on ebay now!
I have been working soooo hard on this new project.
Researching pictures, and designing her pattern.
Her name is "Bikkie". Bikkie is a koala.
I have decided to display a picture of her before I airbrush her.
I also plan on adding some claws to her too.

Baille's Trip to Fredericksburg TX

We made it to Fredericksburg after about a 5 hour drive. Mom wanted to visit some antique stores first. This poor cougar kitty...

Hi Ya'll! Mom and Dad took me along on a needed weekend trip to Fredericksburg TX. Fredericksburg is a small German heritage town with a BIG tourism business.

See ya later Odessa!

Ready to Roll.

Well, it is Monday and I am ready to get moving on a new project. I listed a Persian kitty cat on ebay this last Saturday. Her name is Sassy, which fits her personality pretty good. She has a sassy/prissy attitude about her. But really, what cat does not? Here is a link to her auction which ends tomorrow, the 1st of July.
Sassy's auction
And a pic ;-)

Spotlight Artist in Bears & Buds!

I am very excited and honored to be spotlighted
in the webzine "Bears & Buds."
Valerie Rogers is a super gal to work with!

Visit to Colorado.

My husband and I had returned from our visit my Dad in Colorado. The time had gone by so fast. I was able to find some time to work on the bears I needed for the Online Show Spring Fling. The weather was hot one day and then rainy and dreary the rest. Just in time to come home to Odessa to 105 degree temps. Man, it is hot here.
My Father is doing well. The radiation that they had given him for the lung cancer had shrunk the tumor, but not completely. It was so large that they could not shrink it all the way. So now it has been a couple months and he is beginning to have extreme pain in his back ribs and stomach again. We all are thinking the same thing, but he has decided that he is not going to have the needed MRI to see if the cancer has returned. Since my Mama had passed. He just is not the same man. I totally understand his feelings, but it's like he has given up. He is on two types of pain killers, meds for his stomach, and now an anti-depresent. I dont think that the anti-dep…

Lurv this pic!!

Playing around with Photoshop

I spent some time this afternoon playing around with my Photoshop.
This is "Luka" done in a watercolor technique.

Chico needs a home.....

I have a darling bear named Chico who really needs a home to call his own. I used a new way with my needle felting to blend the leather nose in with the mohair. I think he looks very handsome.

mmmm Kolaches!

So, I felt like baking today. Sweet dough with blueberry and cream cheese topped Kolaches.... yummo!

Springtime in Odessa tx

Living in a part of Texas that is hot and dry most of the time. I get excited when my big ol' tree out back gets blooms. It is a China berry tree with sweet lilac scented flowers.

I was also blessed with my first rose bloom of the spring.

Featured Artist coming soon!

I'm so excited! The magazine "Teddybear Club International" is going to run a featured artist of me, Bear Paws by Roxanne. It will be in the February issue, which is issue number 168 - goes on sale sometime in January. I am so stoked! I have never had a oppurtunity as this, or this kind of recognition.

Little Girls Bed Canopy

I wanted to make something special for my little neice. So while surfing on the internet I came across the cutest little canopy tent for your beds. I thought, I can make one of those! Well, this is my finished product. I had no pattern to go by, just the one rattling in my brain. The top is a hot pink with black polka dots and the tulle is a hot pink. I have added butterflies dangling on pink ribbons. I think it came out pretty good. I know my neice will love it!

How time flies..

Time is flying by so fast... My husband and I have been working so hard on our house the last couple months. We have new carpet, replaced window blinds and wood moulding, layed ceramic tiles down the hallway and replaced all the doors in the house. I am so pleased at the way it all looks!