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Showing posts from May, 2007

Border Collie

I have been surfing the web looking for any and all pics of a border collie. I have some great long black and white mohair and decided that I will make a border collie next. I cant decide if it should be open mouth or not. I make so many of them, sometimes it is fun to make a normal type mouth. The big thing now is mouths that open and close. Maybe I will go in that dirrection for a change.... hmmmm. Check back later to see what I have decided ;-)

Another cloudy day....

We are having another cloudy day. Big storms expected again. Times like this it makes me want to get busy in the kitchen. I have planed a great meal for dinner. Garlic roasted chicken, bacon mashed potatoes, green beans with sugared walnuts and tapioca pudding with chocolate shortbread cookies. I have the tapioca in the fridge and just finished the shortbread cookies. They look pretty yummy. Cant wait to try them >.<

Magazine Ad Completed

Well, I have finally finished the ad for the Teddy Bear Review magazine and have sent it in. I hope that everything is the way they want it to be...fingers crossed..