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Border Collie

I have been surfing the web looking for any and all pics of a border collie. I have some great long black and white mohair and decided that I will make a border collie next. I cant decide if it should be open mouth or not. I make so many of them, sometimes it is fun to make a normal type mouth. The big thing now is mouths that open and close. Maybe I will go in that dirrection for a change.... hmmmm. Check back later to see what I have decided ;-)

Another cloudy day....

We are having another cloudy day. Big storms expected again. Times like this it makes me want to get busy in the kitchen. I have planed a great meal for dinner. Garlic roasted chicken, bacon mashed potatoes, green beans with sugared walnuts and tapioca pudding with chocolate shortbread cookies. I have the tapioca in the fridge and just finished the shortbread cookies. They look pretty yummy. Cant wait to try them >.<

Magazine Ad Completed

Well, I have finally finished the ad for the Teddy Bear Review magazine and have sent it in. I hope that everything is the way they want it to be...fingers crossed..

Some have asked.......

What do I mean by "Bearin' it?
Well, ever since I began working on my teddy bears. My husband would come home from work to see me with a bear (or some part of a bear!) in my hands and ask me in his playful Texan maner. "What cha' doin, Bearin' it?" So that kind of stuck from then on.
So I better get off this computer and get back to "Bearin' it.

Evolution of my open-mouths

I have a couple picture here that shows the evolution of my open-mouth bears.
I began with just a open mouth bear with the ultra-suede tongue.

I now make them with the full pallet.

Or with the ulta-suede tongue, with teeth and gum.

Angels in Heaven ^j^

The last 1 1/2 years have been very difficult for me. I lost my mama named Rosalie Knodel, the angel in the middle to emphasemia. The other 2 angels in the pic are my Gradma and Grandpa, Daniel and Rose Beierle. They are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversay here. I know in my heart that they are in heaven holding each other as closely as they are in this picture. With my moms siblilings that passed before too.
From my moms funeral, still to today. All I could hear in my head was the song of Josh Groban's called "To where you are." It mentions in the song "I believe that angels breath." I just kept repeating that to myself over and over. Knowing that she is up in heaven, breathing. She fought so hard to breath. Mom tried as hard as that little body could to the very end to fight for every last breath that was coming to her from the treachia in her neck.
I miss her so much each and every day.
"A breath away is not far to where you are."

Texas Trash!

Yeppers, thats what they call it. I call mine "Texas White Trash".

It is a yummy sweet snack mix that consists of white or milk chocolate coated snack mix, cereal, pretzels and pecans and peanuts! It comes in a gift bag with organza ribbon. Can be decorated for special order.

Getting ready for the summer!

This last weekend my husband and I had worked our tails off on getting the pool ready for the summer. We have a 24 ft round 4 ft high above ground pool that got a hole in it last year. So after ordering a new liner, we had to take out the old one and do some fixin to the sand that the liner sits on. When we initionally set up the pool, James used a "packer" to pack down the sand solid. This time we kinda forgot to pack the sand down. He used a rake to smooth out the sand so now after the liner is in and adding 13000 gallons of water. The bottom looks textured. James excuse is now it has a non-slick bottom >.<

My Bears

This is a picture of a mock up ad that I was going to use in a magazine. It seemed a little to plain to me. I think I will make up another one.

I'm Here!

Yeppers, I have finally set up a blog.....Now I really cant think of anything to say other than I am so ready for bed(>.<) We have all taker our turn with the cruddy flu and have not had much sleep in a week..... Sooo tired. I will be back tomorrow to set things up really cool :-)
Nighty night zzzzzzzzzz